Changchun (125.32E 43.88N) was a regional agricultural center before becoming the meeting point for the Russian and Japanese railroads in Manchuria in 1905.  The abundant lumber in the mountains to the east promoted a sizeable woodworking industry. 

The city was taken over by Japanese troops on the first day of the Manchuria Incident, 18 September 1931. Renamed Hsinking ("New Capital") by the Japanese as the capital of the puppet state of Manchukuo, the city had a very sizeable Japanese population and had been heavily modernized. Total population in 1940 was 544,200 persons. It was the principal base for Kwantung Army, with 10, 28 and 29 Divisions in the area when war broke out in the Pacific. The city remained in Japanese hands until the Russian intervention of August 1945.

Rail connections:






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