Arthur Middleton Class, U.S. Attack Transports

Photograph of Arthur Middleton-class transport

U.S. Navy

Schematic diagram of Arthur Middleton class attack transport

ONI 222


Tonnage 9000 tons light displacement
16,725 tons full displacement
Dimensions 491' by 69'6" by 26'6"
149.7m by 31.6m by 8.1m
Maximum speed       18.4 knots
Complement 578
Armament 1 5"/38 dual-purpose gun
4x1 3"/50 dual purpose gun mounts
8x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
4 0.50 machine guns
1-shaft General Electric geared turbine (8500 shp)
2 Foster-Wheeler boilers
1650 tons fuel oil
1120 barrels diesel
Passengers 1304

The Arthur Middletons were completed in 1942-1945 as attack transport squadron flagships based on Maritime Commission standard C3-P&C hulls. As such, they sacrificed some carrying capacity in return for greater communications facilities. The ships carried 22 LCVP and 2 - 4 LCM(3) landing craft.

The lead ship of the class was originally launched as African Comet on 28 June 1941 and acquired by the Navy on 6 January 1942, being renamed Arthur Middleton the next day. The ship participated in Operation BOBCAT before being taken in hand for conversion to an attack transport. The other two ships had similar histories, but served in the European war before being transferred to the Pacific.

Units in the Pacific:

Arthur Middleton        Completed 1942-9-7 (San Francisco)
George Clymer
Arrived 1942-12-24
Samuel Chase
Arrived 1945-1-25


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ONI 222 (1945-9-1)

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