Akatsuki Class, Japanese Destroyers

Photograph of Akatsuki-class destroyer

Naval Historical Center

Schematic of Akatsuki-class destroyer

ONI 41-42


Tonnage 2080 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 388'6" by 34' by 10'6"
118.41m by 10.36m by 3.20m
Maximum speed       34 knots
Complement 197
Armament 3x2 5"/50 dual purpose guns
2x2 25mm/60 antiaircraft guns
3x3 24" torpedoes
2 depth charge throwers (14 depth charges)
2-shaft Kampon impulse geared turbines (50,000 shp)
3 Kampon RO boilers
Bunkerage 475 tons fuel oil
Range 5800 miles (9300km) at 14 knots
Modifications One of the dual 5"/50 turrets and one of the twin 25mm guns were removed and replaced with 4x3 25mm guns and 4x1 13mm/76 AA guns early in the war. Two depth charge racks were added and the depth charge loadout increased to 36.

By war's end, Hibiki had light antiaircraft armament of 4x3, 1x2, 14x1 25mm and 12x1 13mm guns.

The Akatsukis were completed in 1932-33, mostly in navy yards.  They were a continuation of the Fubuki or "Special Type" class, incorporating lessons from the earlier class. Some modernization took place in the late 1930’s, which improved stability at some cost in speed.

Units in the Pacific:


with Kondo's Distant Cover Force       Sunk by aircraft 1942-11-13 off Guadalcanal


with Kondo's Distant Cover Force      


with Hong Kong Attack Force

Torpedoed 1944-4-13 off Guam by Harder


with Hong Kong Attack Force

Torpedoed 1944-5-11 near Tawitawi by Bonefish

Photo Gallery

Quarter view of Akatsuki-class destroyer

U.S. Navy

ONI recognition page for "Hibiki" (Akatsuki) class

U.S. Navy

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