2610 Tonnes Class, French Destroyers

Photograph of 2610 Tonnes class destroyer

U.S. Navy. Via Wikipedia Commons.



2569 tons standard


434'6" by 40'6" by 16'6"
132.4m by 12.25m by 5.01m

Maximum speed      

37 knots nominal. On trials, all units exceeded design specifications, achieving 41 knots or more.




4x1 5.5"/50 guns
1 4"/45 dual-purpose gun
2x1 2-pdr
2x2 37mm AA guns
1x4, 2x2, 2x1 12.7mm/62 machine guns
3x3 21.7" torpedo tubes
2 depth charge tracks (16 depth charges)
50 mines
2-shaft Parsons geared turbines (74,000 shp)
4 Penhoët small-tube vertical boilers


580 tons fuel oil


4000 nautical miles (7400km) at 15 knots
British sonar and radar
1942: 7x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns added.

1944-4: Removed the 4" gun, the 2-pdr mount, the 37mm guns, all machine guns, and one bank of torpedo tubes. Added one 5.5"/50 gun, 3x2 40mm Bofors AA guns, 10 single 20mm guns, and radar and increased bunkerage to 730 tons.

The French 2610 tonne destroyers (also described as the Le Fantasque class) were very advanced and modern ships, the first of the contre-torpilleurs, and compared favorably with some light cruisers. Completed in 1935-1936 in private yards, they featured a powerful new 5.5" gun and had excellent subdivision, with boiler rooms and engine rooms laid out alternately. However, their torpedoes were arranged such that only six tubes could fire to either beam, and their antiaircraft armament was poor for ships of this size, the main guns having no antiaircraft capability.

The only unit of this class to see service in the Pacific, Le Triomphant, was misused as an escort vessel (for which it lacked the necessary endurance) and to cover various small troop movements early in the war.

Units in the Pacific:

Le Triomphant     

Withdrawn 1944-4
Arrived 1944-7


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